This site will cover my days working in the music industry, ten years as a sound / mix engineer at Pete Waterman Ltd (PWL) under the master Phil Harding. Then after a little success as a record producer / artist under the name ‘Big Time Charlie‘ and ‘Viva!‘.
You will have access to my collection of old PWL photos and my personal PWL sound samples that I have for sale.

I also started a PWL forum where PWL fans could ask me questions about working at PWL. This forum is now closed for new postings but I have left it online as a point of reference for people to read and learn from.

I’m now out of the music biz and currently living in Dover, England with my lovely wife Tamzin and our three sons, Evan, Rio and Bryn.
With my wife I own a ecommerce web site called Snuggle Feet which sells baby shoes.

I hope you enjoy this site!


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3 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. hi Les, what happened to the Forum? have you frozen it? i can read but not post. not sure whats up there…there has been zero posts since around 2010.

    also i read that you stopped selling the percussion sample pack, seriously there is no way anyone can copyright drum percussion and i dont know why you stopped selling it exactly but if it was because someone got their knickers in a knot you should have told them to politely grow up and rack off. it was a great service to the music community to have got those drum samples out there instead of them just sitting and fading away in your drawer.

    anyways i really wanted to post a discussion about why SAW ran down and failed…i have lots of questions, whether it was one big factor or many small ones combined and what they all were…

    Cheers man,
    Darren (Blackout)

  2. Hi Les,

    I stumbled onto your website by chance. I am looking for classic PWL/SAW drum samples. But I’ve got a few questions– 1) Does your collection contain the kicks/snares from Dead or Alive, Rick Astley, & Bananarama? 2) I’m buying a download, NOT a CD, right?? and 3) any chance of emailing me an MP3 watermarked snippet or demo so I can preview before purchase??


  3. Re: the samples. I bought the download. Have no worries or concerns about quality. They are perfect. Thanks for sharing your personal set, Les.

    Re the samples from specific previous hits – its what you do with it – not what you have 😉

    Thanks again, Les.

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